Mobile Cloud Platform

We call it Sparkle®

20 Million+ Smartphones

Our Sparkle® mobile platform enables analytics, MDM and enhanced location remotely in the cloud. The most distributed mobile platform anywhere, it’s preloaded on 20 million smartphones so far.

And it earned Best of 4G Awards.graphic_4g_world

Mobile Phone Capabilities in the Cloud

  • Mobile AnalyticsWith Sparkle, Phone Controls gives permission-based phone insight into phone activity—like knowing who texts you most, by name, charted daily.
  • MDMSparkle enables scheduled locks and granular policy management in Phone Controls—like no apps after midnight and calls only to select contacts.
  • Enhanced LocationSparkle’s built-in geofencing triggers alerts in Locator with minimal battery drain and latency when phones move across boundaries.



Redefine Mobile Security

Sparkle enables apps that turn phones from objects that need protecting—using insurance or anti-virus software—into tools that protect the people who use them.


Permission-Based Big Data

Sparkle securely transforms the 10s of petabytes of call, text and download data mobile operators handle every single day into easy-to-read analysis of and insights into consumer behavior.


Make Smartphones Smarter

Sparkle moves intelligence from the network to the device. Deployed on 20 million + handsets, it enhances smartphone capabilities, eases network burden and gives users more control.

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